Why Every Girl Should Buy a Simulated Diamond Ring

1. It is great as a "travel ring"!

These artificial diamond rings do not look that different from the real ones and even jewelers cannot tell unless it is placed under the microscope. We are all prone to losing stuff overseas. So this is a great replacement until you safely get back home.

2. You want your ring to look bigger and brighter in photos. 

Unless your ring is the focus of the shoot, it is inevitable that the photos will not be able to capture the beauty of your engagement ring. You want your solitaire diamond ring to be shown to everyone, especially in your wedding photoshoot. Our precise cut solitaire diamond ring will be able to do just that for you!

3. Girls don't need a reason to pamper themselves. 

On some days, we want to feel like celebrities, or the Duchess of Sussex, but we do not have few millions to burn through our pockets. These simulated diamond rings will be able to make your day!

We interviewed our editorial team and these are their favorite picks in our collection:

The Heart Diamond Ring

The Pear Diamond Ring 

The Royal Family Meghan Markle Ring

The Square Diamond Ring

The editorial team at Gowns.sg


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