Tips for the Plus Size Bride

1.The Fit Flare Dress

Lo and Behold, these plus size A line pretty dresses are here to save the day. The trademark of this fuller skirt looks great on the plus size bride as it draws attention to the shoulders (who could look bad with their shoulders?). It is definitely one of the favorite styles of wedding dresses for larger ladies. Gown for big size brides can still look so good.

2. Off The Shoulder Plus Size Gown

You definitely want to select gowns with firmer fabrics, so the structure of the gown is held by the fabric instead of the wearer's body frame. An off the shoulder top is usually structured and well received by our plus size brides. As lace fabrics could add volume, try to limit embellishments to the top half of the dress (you definitely want to seem more vavavroom up there than down). Plus Size A Line dresses are generally the direction to go, and if you do not know what style you want for the neckline, go with the Off Shoulder!

3. Lastly, it's all about the innerwear.
Your bridal plus size lingerie sets the foundation of your plus size wedding dress. Good news is, most lingerie are able to do dramatic transformation to your body. You could even consider plus size corsets to show off a slim waist, or get the best tummy control shapewear. Comfort is key, do not compromise beauty for a good -looking innerwear. The truth is, even slim girls have to wear shapewear. Do not be ashamed!

Photo credit: The lingerie addict


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