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Why The Illusion Neckline Is Trending

Illusion necklines are easily the best thing created for a bridal wedding gown. By combining mesh with lace, gowns with an illusion neckline look like they are sleeveless or plunging neckline from a distance. It combines a classic and modern approach, making the details on your gown pop. This becomes the your ideal wedding dress if you are looking for sultry but not overtly sexy. We get it, a lot of really beautiful gowns are sporting the plunging neckline now. Just because the likes of Galia Lahav, Muse by Berta are trending it on their sites now. You want the style, but you don't want to bare. Well, you don't have to. What brides do not realise is this: You create the style you want using the illusion neckline! No one can tell unless they come near, and even if they do it looks GREAT. Easily one of the smartest fashion innovation ever. Here are some editorial picks by the team: Angelic Mesh Dress : Lightweight, airy, fairy and perfection any bride could ask fo

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